Reimagine Loyalty Through Payment Platforms

How to satisfy the demands of always-on, multi-device digital natives

Loyalty customers are always asked to prove who they are or to remember a membership number; it's no wonder their desire to engage soon disappears.

Members of loyalty programs typically spend between 12 - 18% more annually than non-loyalty program members, according to Accenture. And yet, many programs lack the digital architecture to satisfy the demands of always-on, multi-device-using digital natives, thereby preventing loyalty from achieving its goals or delivering viable ROI.

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Consumers are more mobile than ever, and they seek out solutions that keep up with their lifestyle and deliver value after every step of the way. FreedomPay technology helps companies in hospitality, retail, financial services, manufacturing and contract food services to make payments faster, smoother, simpler and smarter than ever before. In the process, they develop deeper and more valuable relationships with every customer.

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